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Berman Airway

Material: LDPE+PP

PP-MD636004#000,   40mm,  Neonate
PP-MD636005#00,   50mm,    Infant
PP-MD636006#0,     60mm,    Pediatric-S
PP-MD636007#1,     70mm,    Pediatric 
PP-MD636008#2,     80mm,    Adult-S
PP-MD636009#3,     90mm,    Adult-M
PP-MD636010#4,     100mm, Adult-L
PP-MD636011#5,      110mm, Adult-XL

-Dual channel design 

-Open on the sides to allow for unobstructed passage of air and easy access for suction catheter 

-Soft LDPE material to protect the tissue of mouth 

-Eight models chosen for adult, child and neonate 100% latex free 

-Disposable, single use

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